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HD radio and regular radio: Discover the differences

Radio is one of the oldest news- and entertainment forms. Yet it is the one that has taken the longest time to transition into the modern age. HD and Satellite radio are two options that are now slowly changing the standard analog FM radio. HD radio is essentially an improvement to analog radio, which uses…

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How do I turn on voice search on Google Chrome?

Don’t know the word’s spelling and thus face difficulties looking for it on Google? Or are you looking for long queries but don’t want to use keyboard? Okay, for you Google has come up with an awesome solution called the Google Voice App. You can add more excitement to your quest using this tool, and…

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How many mics do you need for a podcast?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you select the right podcasting gear for your new podcast: Invest in an acceptable microphone The most critical piece of podcasting equipment you can own is a mics need for a podcast — it acts as the primary connection between you and your audience. For general, you…

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