How do I turn on voice search on Google Chrome?

Don’t know the word’s spelling and thus face difficulties looking for it on Google? Or are you looking for long queries but don’t want to use keyboard? Okay, for you Google has come up with an awesome solution called the Google Voice App.


You can add more excitement to your quest using this tool, and enjoy happy browsing. For a better browsing experience turn on voice search on Google Chrome, you could get internet support from a PC repair service.

Google, the web giant, continues to constantly develop its search tools. The business unlaunched its Instant Search feature last year. There are also broad ranges of enhancements to mobile quest. These include a new set of icons on the mobile search page that allows users to locate local establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, attractions, etc.

Once you click on an establishment, relevant information regarding that establishment will be displayed along with its address and telephone number. What one should do if Google Chrome voice search not working.

Let’s take a closer look at the search service Google Talk. It allows the users to speak on instead of searching for type. The app is really helpful when looking for words you’re not sure how to spell.

You may conduct the search operation when performing other things, since you don’t need to use your hand. You should search for long questions, and ask from your Mac.

Voice commands allow to control smart things. For example, using this feature, users can play music on the stereo system with a compact home subwoofer, or control light in the house.


What are the specifications for using this feature at Google? It is important to inform you one thing before talking about requirements that Google Voice search could be used on the English version of The most recent version of Chrome will be installed on your Mac. Have you installed Chrome anyway? If so, simply click on the wrench icon in the browser’s top right corner and update your browser. If this browser is not yours, uninstall it.

Getting a working microphone is also very important to enjoy the function. It will have a built-in microphone if you’re using a laptop. However if you’re a mobile user, then get a microphone from outside. You’ll need to check the microphone in the audio settings of your device after attaching it to your machine.

If you’ve installed Google Chrome 11 or higher on your device and a built-in or attached microphone, use Google Voice Search feature to continue. Whatever operating system you are using, you can use this feature whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac OS. There’s just clause Google Chrome should be mounted on your Mac. The browsers are not compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Let’s see how Google Voice Search can be used. Open the browser to Chrome, and go to On the right side of the search box is a low, grey microphone. When you’ve tapped on this microphone, the dialog bubble below will indicate you can say the search word.

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