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Music producer from Dallas. Passionate about audio engineering and sound design. Responsible for many Techno-tutorials, sound design videos, compressor and EQ series, as well as a lot of our harmony, melody and chord progressions content on Project New West’s Youtube channel. Gerald’s a sonic perfectionst, he’s in love with flawless, crisp and beautiful sound design. When you think your song is finished, Gerald works another week on it. Always eager to dive deeper into the technical backgrounds of any type of gear or plugins. Goes through 20 different reverb-plugins for hours and tells you the pros/cons for each one afterwards.


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John is a classically trained musician and music producer from Dallas with an insatiable passion for great sound design, audio engineering and electronic music production. You might have seen some of his tutorials on our YouTube channel. While constantly on the lookout for new sound design techniques, he decided to share his knowledge and skills along the way. You can find some of his music on Soundcloud and or Spotify. Most of our online courses are instructed by John.


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We would like to introduce our new Project New West team member! Rodney is responsible for most of the helpful video tips on Instagram. Rodney was a Project New West follower for a long time. He’s incredibly talented and a great music producer. Be prepared for more!

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Project New West is an award winning team of producers creating music in a state of the art recording studio located in downtown Dallas.