HD radio and regular radio: Discover the differences

Radio is one of the oldest news- and entertainment forms. Yet it is the one that has taken the longest time to transition into the modern age.

HD and Satellite radio are two options that are now slowly changing the standard analog FM radio. HD radio is essentially an improvement to analog radio, which uses the same frequencies which functionality, but with some improvements.

Satellite radio reinvents the radio definition by the transmission from remote satellites. The first and very important distinction that springs from this is their signal coverage.

HD radio is limited to more or less the same spectrum as standard radio stations as they also broadcast from the ground towers.

For only a few satellites, satellite radio will cover the entire continent. So what’s the difference between HD radio and regular?

Satellite radio comes at the same price as you will have to pay to get the broadcast. HD radio is free of charge, since it follows the same business model since regular radio. A money comes from the frequently broadcasted ads.

While not all Satellite radio stations are commercially accessible, there’s a lot to it. But you’d need to buy a new radio for both, because you can’t use an AM / FM radio to receive wireless signals.

satellite radio

They are both not compatible with each other, so you can’t use a Satellite Radio HD receiver and vice versa.

A problem with regular radio vs HD Radio that is inevitable is when the signal goes off. Since satellite radio has no other way to get through the signal, erratic coverage is not impossible, especially when the weather is poor.

HD radio receives both digital and analog radio signals, and most signals have their analog broadcast synchronized with the first HD channel. Many HD radio stations also provide alternative channels that users can switch to if they don’t like what’s played on the first channel.

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