vibration speaker

Do you like to listen to music? If so, you’re in luck, because there are a number of different ways to do so. One option that you may not have considered is using a vibration speaker. These unique devices use your body as a conduit for the sound, sending vibrations through your bones and into your inner ear. This provides an incredibly immersive experience that you won’t find with traditional speakers.

Way to use headset mic on pc with one jack

Today the headphones differ in design as well as cost. There are many different types of headphones on the market today which are better suited for a specific style of listening. When you need to block disruptive noise, then noise cancellation headphones will be the perfect option. Headphones used to be available only in headphone…

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Method to I check AirPods battery life

If you released AirPods in late 2016, you ‘re probably only able to listen to them for less time you did without changing it. We will discuss what you should do to check AirPods battery life and you what’s going on. We’re now in the third year after the introduction of the AirPods and virtually…

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